Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The decorations are...

...starting to go up at Knox Towers. Here's what I'm quite pleased with.

Big paper balls hanging over the dining table.

I dragged a branch in from the garden and stuck it in a pot on the dining room mantle-shelf. Added some fairy lights and a few vintage decorations and mini paper stars.

Piled some sorbet coloured vintage baubles in a big old jar.

Put some white paper stars around the dining room window.

Piled the urn on the fireplace in the sittingroom with red and white balls and added some glittery roses.
The sitting room's not quite there yet, it just needs...more. More faffing to be done I think!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Is it wrong...

...that I am an oasis of calm, whilst all around me seems like chaos? I have had customers rushing to the counter with cries of "That's it! Just 4 more Secret Santa presents to buy and I'm done!" I have done virtually nothing. I've bought chocolate coins for the childrens stockings but not much more. Haven't even made The List yet. Yet I feel quite calm - why is that?
I'm having much love for some of the things in the shop this week...

The layers of paint on this mirror - pink, grey and gold - to.die.for.

These clutch purses, made by the clever lady who makes our pin jars...

Our rose vases. Might have to gift one to someone!

On another note; I've had my front door painted dark grey. What do we think? Quite nice for in town I thought. I love my wonky old door, there's not a straight line on it. Bet it has a few stories to tell - it's about 250 years old!

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