Wednesday, 13 November 2013

10 out of...

...10 for sheer dedication from two of my oldest, loveliest customers Andrew and Jane. They'd said they were determined to be the first customers on the first day of our open weekend, and at bang on 10 o'clock I heard a commotion outside and saw this...

Ha ha! After that it was full steam ahead for a super busy weekend. There was lots of sparkle, lots of tissue filled carrier bags and an awful lot of laughing.

There were gorgeous roses on the counter and a gorgeous wreath on the door...

Every time I vow to take lots of pictures of the shop full of customers and the displays we've spent hours doing and every time I fail. There just never seems to be time. Those who came know what it looked like and a mahoosive thank you to everyone who did. You lovely people.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

We're just putting...

...the finishing touches to the showroom, ready for our Christmas Open Weekend.

We've got loads of lovely gifts too...

...and of course lots of lovely vintage...

We hope you can come, as it's our last open weekend this year!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

There was much...

...frenzied tidying, dusting and mop and bucket action at Knox Towers last week. The windows shone, the cushions were plumped, the candles twinkled and every cupboard had a warning to open slowly and stand well back in case of landslides. This preceded a visit from quite lovely people at Country Living Magazine.

The day itself was perfect. The sun shone, we drank tea, gossiped and laughed a lot. Oh, and Charlie took some pictures too.

I pretended that the children always kept their bedroom that tidy, the house was always filled to the brim with fresh flowers and scented candles always burned in every room. I was foolin' no one. They know me too well. Anyway, the result should be out sometime in the Spring.

Next job, Operation Christmas.
It's looking good.
Have you got the dates in your diary? Friday 8th - Sunday 10th November. See you there?

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Ooops-a-daisy... it really that long since I last put a post up here? The last post was all about our late summer Open Weekend, and now we're gearing up for the next one, and this time we're talking Christmas people! 8th, 9th and 10th November - put it in your diary, tell your friends, whatever - I've got a head full of sparkly ideas already!
Meanwhile, I am mostly in love with white... all it's wonderful shades. Brilliant white, old white, chalk white, grey white, I love 'em all. Especially when you throw them all together.

I also met a lovely lady last week, making these. I think she is totally beautiful with her hand-embroidered vintage lace dress and her slightly nutty expression. I'd put a link in to contact the clever maker, but she's obviously better with a needle than she is with a computer and doesn't have a website. Who can blame her. I'm hoping she might make some for us to sell on the website though.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Just before someone...

...switched it from "summer" to "winter", we had a lovely open weekend.

There are even more pictures here

One of my dearest customers wasn't one to let the size of her car put her off a purchase.

Off she went with a large window mirror sticking out the roof of her little car!

Then, on the Sunday, we watched these rather impressive chaps parading through the village.

Another really lovely weekend, huge thanks to everyone who came. Keep your diary clear for the begininng of November for the next one, and we're talking Christmas!

Friday, 6 September 2013

We're open for... this weekend. DO come and see us! Come and see all the pretty things, or just come and see the amusing sight of me getting a bit giddy due to tiredness and the general excitement of it all. Or if you come tomorrow (saturday) there will be lots of Paratroopers with big muscles around the village. That's definitely worth a look.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Have you saved...

... the date for our next open weekend?

There's all kind of shenanigans going on in the village over the same weekend as it's Arnham weekend. This is an annual gala that takes place to commemorate links with the village and 216 Signal Squadron of the Air Assault Brigade who were stationed nearby during WWII and planned the battle for the bridges at Arnham, Holland from our very own village of Caythorpe.

Every year, veterans and serving soldiers from the squadron come together to celebrate their links with the village and put on a gala that makes it a very special weekend of fun and fundraising.
The Gala takes place on the village playing field on Saturday the 8th, with stalls, a tombola, traditional fete games such as skittles, a dog show,  and a traditional football match between 216 Squadron and the village football team!
On Sunday morning there is a parade by veterans and serving soldiers.
We'll be open of course, fully loaded with lots of gorgeous vintage and antiques plus Sue will opening her pop-up tea room again for teas and home-made cakes. She's also promised Vera Lynn on the CD player, a "Victory Rolls" hair-do and red lipstick in keeping with the WWII theme!
Also in the area that weekend is Burghley Horse Trials great for shopping and not bad for occasional horse watching too!
Do come if you can, it sounds fun and the showroom will be over-flowing with gorgeousness with lots of things found on my latest trip to French France...

...which was as lovely as ever.

My kids have grown up with me rooting around French markets and Brocantes.

Monday, 22 July 2013

it's been a...

...busy few weeks here and isn't it glorious to actually have a summer? Can it really last?
The last few weeks have included;

A trip to Norfolk. It was wonderful as always.

 We had a snoop around Blickling Hall. All terribly grand and ancient.

For me, the best bits are always the kitchen gardens and "below stairs". Blickling was no exception.

Then on to Peter Beales. No, not him off of Eastenders. The rose growers. Total Bliss.

I skipped from roses to rose, hands clasped under my chin, sniffing every single one until my head swam with all the gorgeous scent.

Then there was work to do.

Some photography. Tweaking on my part.

Last of all dinner here.

Highly recommended if you're in the area. The food's great and the decor and art is as mouthwatering as the food. On a sunny evening we sat outside at huge oak tables surveying the red deer among the parkland trees.
There have also been trips to antique fairs requiring 2.30 am starts and I can confirm that it is nice and cool at that time in the morning. However the return journey featured 30 degree heat and an un-air conditioned van.
More spoils from that trip coming soon...

Thursday, 27 June 2013

A huge, big...

...thank you to everyone who came to our open weekend last week. It was a great success and was so lovely to see so many customers old and new.

The pop-up tea room in the old school room was thronging and lots of happy people went home with doggy bags of Sue incredible home-made cakes as they couldn't eat them all! The rain just about held off for the open gardens which was the busiest ever!

Also, I had to share this; spotted at a vintage car show a couple of weeks ago and it made me go weak at the knees with longing. I want one!

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