Monday, 22 July 2013

it's been a...

...busy few weeks here and isn't it glorious to actually have a summer? Can it really last?
The last few weeks have included;

A trip to Norfolk. It was wonderful as always.

 We had a snoop around Blickling Hall. All terribly grand and ancient.

For me, the best bits are always the kitchen gardens and "below stairs". Blickling was no exception.

Then on to Peter Beales. No, not him off of Eastenders. The rose growers. Total Bliss.

I skipped from roses to rose, hands clasped under my chin, sniffing every single one until my head swam with all the gorgeous scent.

Then there was work to do.

Some photography. Tweaking on my part.

Last of all dinner here.

Highly recommended if you're in the area. The food's great and the decor and art is as mouthwatering as the food. On a sunny evening we sat outside at huge oak tables surveying the red deer among the parkland trees.
There have also been trips to antique fairs requiring 2.30 am starts and I can confirm that it is nice and cool at that time in the morning. However the return journey featured 30 degree heat and an un-air conditioned van.
More spoils from that trip coming soon...

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