Wednesday, 25 July 2012

This little scrap...

...of gorgeousness came to stay this week.

The other little scrap of gorgeousness was singularly unimpressed.

Anyway, we've just had a bundle of really wonderful quilts and eiderdowns in, we're photographing and putting them on the website this week, so stand by because they are 50 Shades Of Gorgeous!

In other news; we have decided to close the shop for the summer holidays while we re-jig and refurbish. The website will be running exactly as normal, but make sure you are signed up to our on-line mailing list to hear all the forthcoming shops news and planned events!

Friday, 13 July 2012

It made me...

...chuckle this week. Monsieur Le P helped me tease out the fabulous paper pom-poms we photographed for the website! Watching him, brow furrows teasing away at the layers of pink and white  tissue paper, muttering the odd expletive and phrases like "what even ARE these things?" Hee hee!

Actually, given that he is a biker boot wearing, guitar rocking fella, he is so brilliant at getting the whole DCL thing. Our wonderful new website that he completely re-designed from the ground up in March is all his work. My brief consisted of a pair of pink and green striped socks (I liked the colours) and a picture of some peeling paint on wood. The rest is down to him
We salute you Monsieur Le P!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Don't even talk... me. I'm in a foul mood. I am sick to death of this weather. I had a lovely time planned for my birthday this weekend which involved me wafting about in flip-flops and a thin silk Cabbages and Roses dress and will now also feature wellies and a fleece apparently.
Not even these roses scrumped from someone elses garden will raise my spirits today.

I did receive this lovely gift of eggs last week though. Duck, chicken and Turkey! The turkey one is lovely - softly freckled. They're too pretty to eat though. Thank you Paula!

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