Thursday, 13 December 2012

I'm starting to... out of steam. We've sent out more parcels than ever this year, which is great, but I go to bed dreaming of bubble wrap and tape guns.
Nearly there though. I've even had time to put some decorations up at home.

I sprayed some twigs white, stuck them in a bucket and added all my favourite vintage decorations in the kitchen.

Steve McQueen in a Santa hat. I was given this card years ago by Monsiuer Le P, but stick it up every year, just because it's so great!

It's Little Miss Ninja Kittys first Christmas and she's been eyeing up the decorations as if they're giant cat toys!

I've gone all white paper pom-poms, and paper stars in the dining room.

Don't forget you get a very usueful 15% off when you spend over £15 on Christmas stuff!
Happy Christmas shopping y'all!

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