Thursday, 13 January 2011

Monsieur Le P...

...has been fiddlin' again and has set me up with this smart new diary. This one you can sign up to if you want and add your own half pounds worth! I refuse to call it a "Blog" on the grounds that it's an unattractive word. I might go with "Bloge", with a soft "g"...sounds a lot nicer don't you think? Actually, I think he thinks that a halfwit like me will find this one easier to work. What do you think?

Ventured out into my garden this week. Haven't been further than the bins and back for weeks. Joy of joys, I found tiny signs of life! The first tips of the spring bulbs showing through the soil and fat buds on the apple tree. Yippee! Roll on spring!


  1. I think it's bloomin' marvelous!
    M Le P x

  2. Hi hope you have a lot of fun blogging! it's great for business as well!! jennyx

  3. Ooh, comments, skills!


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