Saturday, 30 April 2011

Did you watch?...

...We did. I loved every bit of it. That dress...the trees, the lily of the valley (I said it would be Lily of the valley) they way they looked at each other, the Aston Martin.
I cried when he so obviously said to her "You look absolutely beautiful". The children thought this was hilarious.

Felix: "Are you crying?"
Me: "No!" sniff.
Felix: "You are! You're crying! Girls! Mum's crying! Why are you crying?"

Well, it's been an emotional week.

If I had to be ultra picky? Pippa might have chosen a shade or two lighter on the spray tan shade-card and maybe that dress was just a tad too foxy for an event like that - she looked utterly gorgeous though.

Cheer up Posh, it might never happen.

Beatrice and Eugenie...Oh dear.

Earl Spencers daughters? Va-va-voom!

It made me proud to be British. We do do pomp and ceremony really rather well don't we!


  1. Hello:
    We are so pleased that you enjoyed the day.

    As we do not have a television, nor any particular interest in Royalty, we did not actually see any of it.

    Still, each to his/her own. Have a happy weekend!

  2. We certainly sentiments exactly!
    Julie x

  3. haha, what a funny post.

    I celebrated by going to a café for lunch and I turned the TV on when I got home and saw them kiss on the balcony. And then I saw the whole thing repeated over and over again.

    Of course I loved the dress and the cake was sensational!

    Enjoy your week ;-)


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