Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Did you have...

...a wonderful Christmas? I had a really lovely time this year. It was relaxed and relaxing. There were many pyjama days. For me, it was a rosey affair which I absolutely loved.

Firstly, these bad boys - just heavenly. They were even sweetly scented!

Gorgeous rosey coasters. A gift from The Mad Woman of Yorkshire. She came down to visit and us Mamma's did "The Hump" after a couple of's a DANCE!

A little bit of heaven from Charbonnel & most favourite chocolatiers.

Best of all; this piece of gorgeousness. Hoping to have more from the artist for the shop and website very soon. Let you into a's the very talented Monsieur Le P, also purveyor of lovely photographs and websites. Clever sort.

Finally, nothing says Christmas like a new pair of slippers!

Wishing you all a very wonderful new year.


  1. Happy new year!!
    Glad you had a lovely rosey christmas.
    Looking forward to seeing and buying all your lovely products you will be selling in your gorgeous shop this year.x

  2. Pink rose gifts - just perfect
    I do like that painting very much!
    Love kat x


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