Friday, 30 March 2012

I'm a little...

...worried that Monsieur Le P will start getting all "Diva-ish" on us. You know; demanding that his office is kept at a constant temperature, his desk is pointing due west, and someone remove all the green jelly babies from his packet. He's had so many compliments on the new website and his paintings are becoming so in demand. I'm not surprised though, they are flipping lovely and he really is incredibly talented. We managed to grab this one for the website...


  1. Lovely painting! Have just stumbled across your blog and so glad that I did! Looking forward to reading more, but as i have already spotted a picture of Rufus Sewell on this page - I already know that you are a woman with great taste!

  2. Call me daft, but I've only just realised that you're the person behind Decorative Country Living (I TOLD you I literally stumbled accross your blog - lol!). I absolutely LOVE your shop - now I'm DOUBLY happy that I found you!

  3. How lovely! Thank you! I'm glad you found us too!


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