Monday, 25 June 2012

Have you seen...

...the ginormous (good word - a favourite with my kids - opposite of tinsy) florists' buckets we've just added to the website. They're flipping gorgeous when stuffed full of summer flowers. I got this lot from my favourite man on our local market. We had a long chat about peonies; don't you find it annoying that when you buy them in tight bud, they never open, just turn into rock hard brown balls!

Anyway, the Olympic torch is coming down our very road on Thursday! We will have ringside seats from our upstairs sitting room windows - most exciting! I am doing Pimms and cucumber sandwiches and lots of friends are coming to watch - just hope I don't fall out the window in tipsy excitement! Will post pictures if I don't.


  1. Gorgeous florist buckets, they look amazing filled with cow parsley too.

    If you dip the tight closed peony heads in some water then give them a shake, they will often go on to open.

    Love your products.

  2. Oooh! Top tip! Thank you, I'll try that.

  3. Ooooh gorgeous florist bucket - and 'ginormous' is the perfect word for it - lol! Trying to identify all of the flowers in the arrangement in your picture - beautifully styled - LOVE the colours against the - is it zinc?
    Paula x

    1. Thanks! Mainly peonies (open ones) stocks and godetia, Yes, very pleasing against the grey zinc of the bucket.

  4. Ah, that is the most breathtaking flower bucket I have ever seen!
    I have been following you in Facebook for quite some time now and just love the way you arrange and photograph your products.

  5. You are my first blog I have joined! Cuckoo Mrs B welcome to the world of technology, wakey wakey! You know how much I think of your workx

  6. Hello Amanda, first time i have posted here .... Love the stuff you source.

    Now, about those gorgeous buckets!
    Do you still have any for sale, and if not, will you be getting any more?

  7. Hi Mandy, Thank you! No, I'm really sorry, but they're all gone now and as they were one-off vintage, I doubt I'll have them again. We do have the smaller version thoug...


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