Friday, 21 September 2012

Does anyone know...

...what I can do about these?

I have rather a lot of them. Is there some crafty Percy Thrower type trick that's been handed down through the generations, or is only spoken of in the closed order of the allotment keeper, that turns green tomato's red? Or failing that, does anyone have a really good recipe for green tomato chutney?!


  1. Lay them in a seed tray with one or two ripe tomatoes. Place in a warm spot and they will gradually ripen. Ye oldie garden trick!

  2. I only wish that I knew what to do - every Autumn I watch the apples in my garden and promise myself that I'll make all sorts of chutneys and jams with them. I've managed a couple of pies to date, and I've purchased the jam making kits (SO pretty on the shelves!) but alas that's as far as I tend to get. I love the idea of tomato chutney though - perhaps I'll try tomatoes next year!
    I've written a post and included your balustrade lamps with a link - hope you don't mind. Your shop is just SO gorgeous. I'm over in Norfolk, and I'm determined to get over to Lincolnshire for a proper look sometime soon!
    best wishes,
    Paula x

  3. The reason you can't put bananas in your fruit bowl is because the gases they give off ripen fruit so try putting a banana in with your green toms, unless you want to make Delia's green tom chutney!! Tried and trusted recipe, so I have never had to put bananas with my green toms!


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