Monday, 14 January 2013

Please bear with...

... I know it may seem as though we have been doing diddly-squat on the website since Christmas, but the truth is far from it. We're like the proverbial duck swimming up stream; the website is the duck part, calm and still. We are the legs, furiously paddling like pistons. MUCH has been going on since we started back on the 2nd January. I have dragged myself from my bed when many of you were just getting in to yours, to travel far and wide to find vintage treasure. I have been to the big city, to make lots of lovely orders, for lots of groovy stuff that will start arriving in the next few weeks. Most excitingly, we will have an anouncement very soon, for all you lovely people who have ever visited, or would like to visit the showroom. Suffice to say, keep your diary clear for the end of March!
Anyway must get on!


  1. ...and to you! Hope you and your girlies had a lovely Christmas. We're having an open weekend here on the weekend of the 22nd March - hope you can come - lots of lovely things - be great to see you! XXX

  2. I love the pink and white spring flowers in that enamel pot. You're a talented decorator.


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