Friday, 19 April 2013

Watch out...

...I'm in another of my "moods". I mean really. The weather? It'll be Autumn in about 5 minutes time for flips sake! Ok; so we had one quite nice day last weekend and admittedly we were in Norfolk at the time which was gorgeous. We were able to do this picture of our lovely vintage deckchair...

...and yes, the sky really was that blue.
Since then, we've had 90 mile and hour winds and now drizzling rain.
I've got a brand new pair of limited edition silver Bensimon plimmies that need wearing, a garden full of flowers that won't grow and the complexion of a bowl of cold porridge!
Am I ranting? I am aren't I.. Sorry.
I'm off to light the fire, wear boots and eat stew. 

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