Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Have you discovered...

..Pinterest yet? It's a big deal in the USA, and seems to be gaining momentum over here now - especially as the official UK version was launched last week. Basically it's one big, ginormous on-line scrap book, where you can search for images or add or "pin" images of your own on to boards to make virtual mood boards or scrap books. It's huge fun and incredibly absorbing - the whole site is just full of gorgeous images - great if you are working on a project and need some inspiration. I've been helping a friend with a bedroom scheme, so I search "grey linen bedroom" and hey-presto, it gave me dozens of fabulous images that really helped pull the whole thing together. It's great for wedding, party, garden ideas too.
You can follow us on Pinterest, just type us into the search bar.

WARNING: Can cause extreme time loss. You allow yourself  5 minutes to have a quick browse, and next time you turn round, it's 3 hours later, the dinner's boiled dry, the children have passed out due to hunger and the dog's done a poo on the door mat.

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