Wednesday, 5 June 2013

I'm very pleased...

...with this.

I saw it done at The Hampton Court Flower show; blackberry grown as a climber round a door. Our teeny town garden is walled on three sides, and the end wall is very tall. To break it up a bit, I added this tatty old door in between the shed and the weeny vegetable patch. I planted the blackberry last year and it's doing really well - nearly at the top already. It's covered in lovely kind of dog rose flower that will then turn into blackberries - marvellous! I've just planted another one on the other side and hope it catches up.

I'm also pleased with this... of our distressed wooden planters that found its way home. I put a lavender in it and I think it looks lovely. Bit of cheeky photo-bombing there by our extremely naughty kitten Boo. Just one ear, half a beady eye and a tail. Probably on her way to rip a bin-bag open and then do a poo in a plant pot.

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