Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Are you joining... all the Jubilee fun? The village here where the shop is looks great!

The Florists round the corner looks Jubilee-tastic!

We've done our bit here at DCL HQ...

...and we're even getting in the spirit back at Knox towers.

The shop will be closed next week, but fear not, all will be as normal on the website and there will be more treasure going on there in the next few days. If you need us, do contact us by email and we'll be back in the office as normal on the 12th of June.
Happy Jubilee one and all! X


  1. The village looks fantastic, all the bunting makes you feel cheerful!

  2. Such a prettily decorated village!
    I so enjoyed the concert on tv last night!
    And today's sight with the mall full of people and flags :)
    Kat x


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