Saturday, 19 May 2012

Knox Towers has...

...a new resident.

I can see she is going to be an excellent excuse for work avoidance. I've just spent 2 hours crawling around on the kitchen floor playing with her.  Don't be fooled by that look of innocence though - she's already attacked a pile of washing and tried to get into all the kitchen cupboards.


  1. That's the prettiest face I've ever seen....does "she" have a name yet? Lucey x

  2. How cute is she! Whats her name? xxx

  3. I left it to the children to choose a name and they've gone with Binky! Better than soome of the slightly questionable names Felix came up with! She's a demon ninja though! All over the furniture and up and down the curtains! Good job she's cute.

  4. Oh she reminds me of when my two furry fiends were this little! Their party trick was to jump into the fireplace!


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