Monday, 25 March 2013

A huge, big...

...thank you to everyone who came to our open weekend. It took more than a few 10 foot snow drifts to keep so many of you away and it was a really lovely, busy weekend. The feedback from those who came was fantastic and the ladies in the tea room raised a very tidy sum for the church roof fund selling their delightful, beautifully presented teas, so we've already started planning the next one and will you keep you posted with dates. We did have plenty of calls and emails from those who wanted to come but couldn't - one lovely lady even sent us a picture of her car buried in snow! So for those who missed out, do get in touch if you want to make an appointment to have a look round once the worst of the snow has gone.

A few images taken just before we opened...


  1. All looks gorgeous as usual. xx

  2. Looks nice, really beaufiful place! :)


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