Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Ooops! It's been...

...a while again hasn't it.
I've been hibernating. 
Ok, what's new? Well we're stating to plan our first open weekend of the year. All I can say at this stage is, clear your diary for the end of April.

A few things I had to battle with myself to let go.

These chairs and this cushion. Up side of this job; buying gorgeous things. Down side; saying goodbye to those gorgeous things when they sell. These are a case in point. Must be strong!

Hey, did you enter our competition? I'm so sorry that there can't be hundreds of winners, but lovely Clara who won was suitably thrilled and excited when we gave her the good news. Standby for more competitions - they're fun!

Finally, did you see the little booklet that came with the latest Country Living magazine? They used a picture of my bedroom. It looks very tidy. It doesn't always. What they don't show is the steady stream of slouching teenagers going through it on their way to use my en-suite bathroom, because "It's nearer". Grrrrrr! Pet hate no.678. I'm thinking of installing one of those turnstiles that you have to put 20p in to get in - like at Kings Cross station. That'll fox them!

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